Milkshakes at
Universal Restaurant

Our Milkshakes are all about the flavour, we regularly create interesting and delicious specials as well as our most popular super special milkshakes available on our regular drinks menu. Pare up a milkshake and one of our famous chicken parmas and youll be in for a treat.

When it comes to shakes, it is not always the crazy looking ones that are the best. It all comes down to taste, the right thickness and the flavour combinations to make the perfect milkshake.

In Melbourne, more and more venues are stepping away from the classic original milkshake – no more serving shakes in the stainless steel malt cups – The milkshakes need to be in glass and be extravagant to the point of sacrificing practicality so customers can get an epic picture.

Here are Universal, we are more traditional. We care more about the basics which is the taste, rather than the way it looks. Our little décor on the top is more to enhance the flavour rather than be the star of the show.

We are pretty confident that we would win best tasting milkshake in Melbourne. all of our flavourings are made in house by our chefs daily.

Best Oreo Milkshake Melbourne
Mint Milkshake

“Easily the best milkshake on Lygon street, could be the best milkshake in Melbourne,
definitely the best milkshake that I have ever had!”

Best Milkshake
Melbourne Milkshakes
Red Velvet Milkshake
Poke Milkshake


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